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Noah’s Smile by Mike Schmid So you have a newborn baby. Oh Lord, where is the manual for this thing?

Every new parent goes through a period of complete shock.

There is a new life that is so small, so vulnerable, so fragile and so needed and it belongs to you. Not like a puppy you can crate train. Not like a new HD TV you can turn on and off with a remote.

This is a life that relies solely on you for its survival, and you are terrified of messing up.

Babies Monthly Is Here For You

Well relax a little, Babies Monthly is an online magazine just for you.

Every month we will add new tips, information and the latest scientific information to help you raise and keep safe that precious gift you have received.

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How to Clean Baby’s Umbilical Cord

Balance Your Budget

We will also offer you money saving coupons, discounts on all those many new things you will require, and advice on experts on what you need and what you don’t need to make this child so special.

Help Us Help You

You are a part of the process as well for this publication. Please send us your questions and your input. Your experiences and your suggestions can help other mothers.

Few responsibilities in your life will be more important, frightening or rewarding than that little life you have brought into their world.

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